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We take great pride to introduce to you today our "WoodLand Collection" of printed dinner plates and side plates for your next get together.

These plates are made of white porcelain and the dinner plates are 10.5 inches with the side plates or dessert plates at 7.5 inch.

We also print on square plates 11.5 inch and a dessert plates at 8 inches as well.

Beautiful and using the current "hot" trends in animals to bring these creatures to tables everywhere.

But as Kati in our design team says: "These plates are not just beautiful but use-able too!"

by Paris Group Inc.

designed by "Kati" your own plates, that you can eat off and adore, we print plates and INside mugs and tiles everyday here!

Questions call us 1 855 410 8797

Custom Printed (design your own) Plates

Custom Printed (design your own) Mugs (and printed INside mugs too)

Custom Printed (design your own) Tiles (wall and outdoor and floor tile)

The WoodLand Collection costing is like this:

10.5 inch dinner plate any design is $69.99 Canadian or $49.99 U.S. each

7.5 inch side plate and choose any design $49.99 Canadian or  $39.99 U.S. each

Buy 8 piece collection: Getting one of each of the 8 plates on 10.5 inch rimmed dinner plate. Normally $559.99 Canadian but you pay $499.99 and normally $399.99 U.S. but you pay only $359.99 U.S.

11.5 inch square plate $79.99 Canadian or $59.99 U.S.

or the 8 inch square side /dessert plate $59.99 Canadian or $39.99 U.S.

All plates with our official logo and "Designed by Kati" on the back.

10.5 inch ship to USA

Toll Free 1 855 410 8797 ext 1 or  call or business text:   416 410 8797

Or Call Toll Free For Volume or Credit Card Phone Orders 1 855 410 8797

One of a Kind - Printed in Canada - Not Sold In Stores - Dishwasher Safe -Microwave Safe- Unique For Gifts - Buy One or Buy More!

7.5 inch ship to USA
10.5 inch ship to Canada

The WoodLand Collection

Order by PayPal (USA & CANADA) or email or call us if you are outside the area, or have a specific "extra" need or wish to purchase bulk wholesale.

These printed plates are like our custom printed plates in that they are printed with the image UNDER the glaze and then we apply extra glaze so the image is a safe and durable as any plate out there.  Certainly you can enjoy their look and enjoy them more by using them during your next party or everyday.

Each plate has our designer Kati who looks after our printed plate production here and is a printed plate expert, combine the current "trends" and incorporate them into plates that are stunning yet practical.

So each plate has her signature and numbering in the collection so you know you are getting the original and only for a limited time.

The WoodLand Collection Plates can also be personalized on the back of the plates with your name, if you want.

Plates can be sold one of each piece, or all the same in a collection of 8 pieces. Or you can purchase them one plate at a time, or mix them with square plates or side /dessert plates too. 

See More of our own printed dishware in our Animal Prints Page

"Beautiful to admire but durable to use everyday!"

7.5 inch ship to Canada