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This Testimony also just came in from Jeff Coates.
Thank you Jeff for allowing us to show others our amazing Detailed Print Technology....

We were printing Jeff's plate on a 10.25 inch 24 kt. Gold Rimmed (single band) Plate. You can have your printed plate or platter too.

The problem was that our customer Jeff, had his 3 sons printed plates done a long while back (these were done by screen printing, our method wasn't available then) and then his middle plate broke!
This plate was his son Sean's plate - now broken.   So, Jeff contacts us to see if we can replace it, which we did finding him the exact plate in size and gold and printed it. But now with newer and more detailed technology - we call "Chemology"...Here is what Jeff had to say:

Email Sept 9 2016

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The invisi-wall plate holders we've sold to museums because they don't like to see the wires or "anything" holding the plate on the wall. These are solid but can be removed by wetting the commercial grade yellow rubber. Made in U.K. and nothing like it.

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Custom Printed Gold Coupe Plate Testimony

Email Sept 9 2016

Hi Eric – The plate arrived on Tuesday and it looks awesome. Thanks so much for all the work you and your team put into matching the existing 2 plates.

The plate from Paris Group is the best of the bunch. Maybe that will help make up for the fact that my middle son, Sean was missing his for 15 years.

I have attached a photo of all three plates. Sean’s is so good that I’m trying to talk my wife into redoing the other two. I will highly recommend your company to any of my friends. I’m sure that when we have grandchildren, someday, we will continue the plate tradition by ordering them from your company.
Jeff Coates MI

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​Model J064731 is our 8.25 inch gold banded coupe plate its 22 kt gold (real gold)

Model J068891 is our 8.25 inch platinum banded coupe plate its 2 mm of platinum (real platinum)

We have to generally leave a 1/4 inch minimum white band before we get to the gold or platinum its because if our print, touches the gold or platinum or gets too close it will remove the expensive metal.

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Coupe plates that are NOT gold or platinum (see photos  below)  but just white come in 3 in stock sizes and 1 special order:

Model J073951 is our 12 inch charger (special order) dinner plate

Model J074751 is our 10.88 inch white coupe dinner plate

Model J074761 is our 8.25 inch white coupe salad plate

Model J074771 is our 6.13 inch white coupe bread/side plate

Gold rimmed coupe plate.

Now we don't print metallic, so we do not print gold or silver BUT we do print on gold rimmed plates.

Since we don't print gold, so its not metallic gold but color that would go well with the gold rimmed, not matching it but close to it to make an magnificent look (and use-able) dinner plate.

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