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Printed Dishware

No Fade - No Scratching Off - Dishware Safe - Food Safe - Microwave Safe

New mugs being introduced by Lenovo.

Really catchy marketing, we enjoyed making them.  Traction in S.F. was the marketing power behind these unique and fun, printed mugs.

We print on the handles as well as 

the underside the handle.

Great for marketing or creating

the perfect gift.

We carry an entire line of mugs

that we print on, or you can have

your white porcelain or ceramic

mug printed as well, we just have

​to test it first.

Introducing "Hug Mugs"

To show you some of what we do, here is our "outside-In" Mug.

We are showing you the front door of our house or our business entrance and then a picture on the inside shows the "inside" of the home or  business.

This is the actual front doors and the inside of the mug shows you what you would see as you walk through those doors! Great for : Invitations, New Home Sales, House Warming Parties.  Use for business and have your staff or yourself welcoming those to come in.


To Order Call Us

1 855 410 8797

ext. 1 (sales) or ext. 2 for Admin/Sales.

​Call direct or text us: 416 410 8797


Some hotels and corporations want their logo on the bottom of the mug, or in the case of the Plaza Suites Hotel in California, they wanted their hashtag on the inside of the mug as well.

We print your design or logo all over the mug and our image wont fade or come off.

Photo On Mugs & In Mugs

17 oz Tapered Mugs - We Print On Many Sizes

The bottom of the mug is printed with the name of the company that created the mug.

In many cases our name

is the default name, but you can

purchase this area and print, like the Plaza Suites Hotel your name instead.

These mugs are the same.

Big mugs 18.4 oz.

White on the left is our standard mug but the ones on the right we printed a blue band around the rim - different now!

You decide the picture for the outside 

and another picture of hand writing/printing for the inside.

More printed mugs or more of tiles our main website

We print (and are the ONLY ones doing this) anywhere, and "yes" that is anywhere on a porcelain or ceramic mug.  

Printing on the front in full colour and we are detailed too, going up to 1200 dpi.  Not like screen printing that maxes out at 150 dpi (dots-per-inch) we can get so detailed you can see the wreath on the door or the number on the mailbox.

Call Toll Free 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797  business line and/or business text.

We love printing on Daltile's Wall & Floor Tiles and we gave some love back by giving them some unique printed mugs. Each one with a person's name on the handle and a wise saying/proverb on the INside of each mug.

more hand writing in mugs

Your Hand Writing On The Inside - Our Invention, Nobody Does This (but us)

We print thousands or just one and full color.

We Are Leaders (but not cheap) on custom printed mugs. Inside and Out!

Our Promise To You:

Sharing the love with mugs

Monogrammed mugs or mugs with matching coasters.

You decide, its your image or words or picture on them!

Christmas Custom Mugs and More

Full Color 

Food Safe

No Lead

No Minimum

  • We print up to 1200 dpi (that is digital clarity)
  • Our print is 100% food safe 
  • We don't use lead (like other companies)
  • Ours will not wear or fade off (like those other mugs, that fade in light)
  • We give warranty on our print
  • Our print can go anywhere on the mug from inside out!
  • 100% commercial dishwasher safe. 
  • Also microwave safe.
  • No minimum orders.
printing on bottoms but also inside mugs

The other picture is of your son's or daughter's hand written note and we will print that on the inside of the mug. We think this would be Mom's favorite Mug!​

Great for Mothers/Fathers Day but also for graduation or marketing. Anything can be hand written or printed and we will capture it perfectly.