Coupe Plates all Porcelain Dishware without rims!

​These generally are more expensive than rimmed dishware and costs more to print as well. But for those that want something more modern and without rims, take coupe.

Completely Dishwasher & Commercial Dishwasher Safe.

Oven Safe to 400F and Microwave Safe too!

Coupe Plates (no rims)

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We also have Lucido Bone China

​This is the best we offer, bone china and we print on it.

Completely Dishwasher & Commercial Dishwasher Safe.

Oven Safe to 400F and Microwave Safe too! - see our photo comparing standard porcelain and bone china (photo above)

Our Hotel Line of Porcelain Dishware

​This is more expensive than our standard porcelain but a tad thicker and a bit better.

Completely Dishwasher & Commercial Dishwasher Safe.

Oven Safe to 400F and Microwave Safe too!

The 2 extremes in cost for plates, Standard Royal White on the left and Bone China on the right.  Bone China is partially translucent so light can shine through the back through the plate.  Also Bone China is very VERY light weight compared to normal porcelain (like on the left).

We also print on Heart Shaped Dishware and Small Heart Pieces

                Check out "Our Heart Shaped Custom Printed Pieces"



10.5 inch Standard Royal White Porcelain Dinner Plate

10.5 inch Lucido Bone China Dinner Plate

Modern Gold Rimmed Plates:

This is our modern gold rimmed dishware called Avignon Gold


Want to know which Fonts we work with the most?

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Note: you can choose a font from our list and then "Google" that font to see it used by others. Just remember to use the word "font" in your search as well.

Also, we can't use just any font on the internet, fonts like photos are copyright. If you are (and some of your are, we know) insistent on a particular font, you can purchase it and then send it to us to use.

We can help you with that if that is something you want to do/explore.

Traditional Gold Plates (You've seen these before) For our more traditional customers: 2 pages of these gold rimmed plates.

​These are on page 1 and also on page 2

Dishware Inventory

Most Popular Dishes and Plates We Print On


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We also have Two Lines of Gold Plates

​We have the traditional gold rimmed plates and the modern

that are called Avignon Gold.  These make beautiful printed dishware

mostly for awards but also for eating. Our print is food safe and is

100% commercial dishwasher safe and microwave safe, its just that

the gold is not. And metallic shouldn't be placed in microwave.

 Custom Plate & Mug Printing
No Minimum Orders
Food Safe Ink
Durable Print with different Glazing Levels
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
All kinds of printed dishware

Because we print on so much porcelain and ceramic, we thought we would list here some of our most popular dishware items. These can be printed in various places on a plate, the more ink we print the more expensive it gets.

Color doesn't matter, we print all the colors.

No Minimum order, we print one or thousands, its just that it gets less expensive as we print more for you.

We personalize print too, so you want a name on one plate but another name on the 2nd plate, we can do that.

We also can do hand writing which often goes on the back of the plate. Actual real handwriting.  All you do is write it out or print on a white piece of paper and take a cell phone photo and send it to us.

Anyway, here our some of our items we regularly print on and the prices of them blank, we just need to know how many you need and where (placement) of the print.

For those that don't know, we have a variety of four lines

Standard Royal White Porcelain 

Our most popular and least expensive, and its still nice porcelain - and we print on it daily.

Completely Commercial Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe after we print on them.  Prices are blank printing costs way more than the plate.

1.  is our "Standard Royal White Porcelain" click below a-b-c for the links to these. 

a) dinner plates and side plates

b) bowls and rimmed bowls (all in the same "Standard White Porcelain" Line

c) mugs as well as cups and saucers.

​d) oval & square platters. These are platters in the same Standard Porcelain Line

​e) square plates and over here square bowls

Bone China here, this is a complete line of dinner plates, side plates as well as cup and saucer. Bone China is translucent so light can pass through it, and is very light for its size. And fairly expensive but you get what you pay for.

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We print on Cake Plates or sometimes called Cake Stands 

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