Wedding and Anniversary plates and Monogram 

Video of the printed school fund raising 10.5 inch porcelain dinner plates

Custom Designed Wedding Plate.  (see above)

The children gave their names and colors for their favorite teacher who was getting married...with a little printed personalized love note on the back of the plate. Children each had their own hand writing for their teacher.  Congratulations to all of them - splendid! And what a great idea!

These are gold band (24kt) printed plates.

Can be done with color or black & white.

Usually done at 50 or 60 year wedding anniversaries.

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Children's Plates and School Fund Raising  

(wedding and anniversary plates further below)

Various and different square plates and then different sized oval platters. We have a large inventory of plates that we print on.

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Children's Plates & School Plates (also fund raising) 

Wedding Plates & Anniversary Plates Also Monogrammed Plates

Custom Printed Porcelain Monogrammed Plates

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We bring in these porcelain open lace

10 inch heart shaped plates that we print in.

Comes in two sizes

5 inch small

10.5 inch large

Printed Custom with the wedding couple's name and date in the middle (center) and then others wrote with porcelain paint pens their love notes. So we can print hand writing, or you can use a porcelain pen and add yours on the spot. (it is just that ours is 100% permanent, the pens are not.

Children's amazing art!

On your left, we also do children's art on plates and can put their pictures in the mugs. All food safe, dishwasher & microwave safe

custom printed napkin rings

Wedding Anniversary Printed Platters

We have the class send their children's favorite images. 

In this case for a Chicago School, we placed 3 or 4 images per plate. One picture per child and then they would hand print their names. 

We took their names and put them under the plate (underside of the plate).

Then the plates were put up for sale/auction for the parents to purchase and raise funds.

Find out how you can raise money with food safe printed plates for your school or charity. 

This is the underside or back of the plates, with the names of the actual hand written names corresponding to the art work on top of plate.

Our logo Paris Group Inc. stating the plates are printed in food safe ink as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

We put a short video explaining more you can take a look at.

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Children's Fund Raising for Schools

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